Wonderful World paid for itself before it was even launched by securing two legacy pledges, which on average are worth £20,000 each. The film has had universal acclaim within WWF, both in the UK and internationally.”

Graham Minton, Head of Corporate Fundraising, WWF-UK


“The results (of Wonderful World ) were so good that it became known as the best piece of corporate communication we had, and it was adapted for cinema to accompany Disney’s movie Brother Bear. It inspired all who saw it in a way that nothing else has, to date.”

Nicky Bishop, Director of Fundraising, WWF-UK


“Richard made a key contribution to our brand strategy and we’re using his audit to review and shape the future direction. Richard also produced an animation – using the different materials audited – which was very well received and helps us illustrate our visual presence across different channels. Last but not least, it’s always a great pleasure to work with Richard, he’s very insightful, reliable and creative.”

May Guerraoui, Brand Manager, WWF International


“Richard was absolutely terrific to work with and I was so impressed by his talent for translating such a breadth of internal gobbled-gook into a beautiful and attractive document. Many people say it’s the first document that really sets out what WWF is all about.”

Sara Hertz, Head of Trusts and Major Donors, WWF-UK


“I have worked with Richard now for four years and his work has been on time and of the highest quality. He is great to work with and gets on with delivery of excellent product without the need for close supervision. I’ve enjoyed working with him.”

Francis Sullivan, Director of Conservation, WWF-UK


“It is rare to find someone who can work with both words and images, as well as understand the academic aspects of brand management. The publications on which he has worked have been very successful and highly praised.”

Perdita Hunt, Director of Communications, WWF-UK


“It has been a pleasure for me to work with you over the past nine months and I know that those who have worked with you for longer share this feeling. You have been involved with an enormously wide range of work here and, you have tackled all of it with immense professionalism, flair and skill.”

Harry Rich, Director, Design Council

“Richard brings an intelligence to his creativity in his brand and film work. He always delivers an excellent finished project for me and our clients.”

Giles Robertson, Founder, Green Banana Marketing